Sunday, December 25, 2005

Required Windows Updates

"this microsoft office 2003 update allows microsoft office frontpage 2003 to display the value of the Turkish LIra in both the old and the new Lira formats."
-Windows Update
Its about time Microsoft decided to update this. You see I always use frontpage as my web browser. Also, like the vast majority of US users, I often buy online from sites that only display prices in the new (not old) Turkish Lira format (it makes me feel richer).
thank you microsoft for making this new critical update "required"

And heres a picture of something I saw on the train:


  1. I wonder what "rules governing passenger conduct" includes... "Sir, this is your last warning about making faces at the conductor"

  2. Oh yeah. Now microsoft just needs to update its Congo whatever currency they use format, and their frontpage will be much improved.

    And can firefox display the new Lira format?