Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Unfortunately since last Wednesday (end of the fall semester) I have entered an extremely vegetative state. I sleep to noon and pretty much do nothing all day. So I couldn’t think of anything to say. However something happened to change this. I was playing Balderdash with my parents, my aunt Malke and my uncle Sysfrog (long story don’t ask). During this game we came across the word Piggin, and since I couldn’t pass this one up I defined it as: A pagan sacrifice at which there is roast pig and pigeon served with gin. My mother ( The (mommy) Moot) defined it as: What pigs do to protest the living conditions in their pens. Now for next week I will have something a little bit more entertaining because I intend to clear my system of chlorophyll, shed the leaves I have grown and pull up my roots, to become active and to produce sustenance from things other than the couch in front of my TV. In short I plan I reactivating my brain (with electrodes if necessary).


  1. Good job! Enough with the vegetativness.

  2. Hey!!...how about posting what Uncle Sysfrog's definition of Piggin was!!

    (3 lashes with a wet noodle if you have forgotten!!)

  3. So to be fair to the rest of the contributors, I believe that Uncle Sysfrog was for having a Giant Barbecue in Texas, and Aunt Malke put the finishing touch on the litany (you had to have been there)of horrible things to do to those poor little piggies, by making a Piggin into a Leather Belt.

  4. That was basicly the gist of the what happened on that night. Don't we all feel special.

  5. Actually, yes...I feel special.

    Special doesn't even begin to describe my feelings that night we played Balderdash.(Uncle Sysfrog and Aunt Malke, Mother + Father Moot + the nephew persons)

    Actually, if I had to find a word that described how I felt, it would have to be "Piggin".