Tuesday, December 13, 2005

#include <aryeh.h>

I was watching Triple X State of The Union the other day, and in one scene there is this stereotypical college guy wearing a sweater and tie (in general looking like the kind of guy who spent most of his freshman year upside down in a garbage can, toilet or any other assorted place he probably didn’t want his head) who is hacking into the Department of Defenses database. They scroll though all the lovely screens of computers that look like they are doing very impressive stuff, and I thought I saw on one of these screens some C code and since I learnt C this year in school I decided to pause it and go back. Well looks good so far it has the necessary stdio.h library and then what’s this a function definition before a there is a function prototype, and why is there a space in the name of that function, also where are alls those variables coming from. Well the story is if I think that scene was funny I wonder what real hackers think about it.

To finish I will leave you with a joke (specifically programmed for programmers)

main ( ) /*gcc compiler doesn’t demand the voids*/
printf(“A programmer and his wife come out of a supermarket\n”); /*shocking no bars involved*/
printf(“His wife realizes that she forgot to buy something and tells her husband \n”
“to watch the nine bags in their cart. When she comes back out she discovers\nhim messing around with the bags taking them out of the basket then putting\n\ them back in. She asks him what he is doing and he told her that he lost one\nof their bags, he then proceeded to count them 0,1,2,3…”);

/*This program was written by Aryeh Lansey on 12/13/2005 and is copyrighted and all that other legal stuff, so if you steal it we will have to kill you!!!*/


  1. You do know that if you define a function before the main statement it doesn't need a prototype, and you can internally initialize variables.

  2. I didn't know about the other stuff however the function started with an if statment as well as the fact that there where no values for the variables in the operation as well as the fact that the if looked like this
    if (var1&var2) no relation just if one thing and another not what.

  3. Aryeh is truly the master of punctuation. But then again, people are often advised to punctuate in the manner that they speak...