Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to eat an orange

Growing up, I always had my oranges cut into sections this way:
This cut has the benefit of easy section removal,
but the disadvantage that you have a lot of the tough inter-section stuff (I'm sure there's a technical term) in each bite. This can be unpleasant to chew through, and often times you wind up with a hunk of this rough stuff and some bitter pith, with all the yumminess already extracted. This is sort of like cutting meat along the grain, with all the similar unpleasantness.

Stacy introduced me to a new way of cutting oranges:
It's brilliant! Each bite has only a small section, if that, of the unpleasant stuff, and there's easy access to the fruity juiciness with minimal chewing effort required.
 It's like cutting meat across the grain, with all the associated goodness!

Of course, there's always the fancy-pants way to cut an orange:
Here you can cut out each section, and only get the juicy bits, but there's a lot of waste and it takes a lot of time:
What is your favorite (or wackiest) way to cut up an orange?

Also, thanks to everyone who voted early and often for my Wolfram|Alpha Holiday Spikey. Thanks to all your help, I made it in 6th place out of hundreds of entries in the contest!

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