Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parental Snow Day

With snow once again coming down outside (4th time in 2 weeks) I find myself recalling a snow storm from last year.  I believe it was a Friday morning, having snowed overnight, and I went out clearing snow as I always do.  I do not recall how long I was out for, but when I got home I could not find my parents.  I was rather confused, I knew that they where both home, but they where not in the house.  At some point I happened to look out the window and found this.

My parents where in the backyard building an igloo.  In the olden days me and my brothers used to get together with friends and build igloos whenever there was enough of the right kind of snow.  We built an igloo pyramid, we built a double igloo, we even built an igloo with power.  The tables had turned, now it was my parents turn.  Soon enough we will have Moshe be a third generation igloo builder.


  1. perhaps you were too young to remember, but - before we built igloos, we were taught how by our mother!

  2. The picture of us in fourth grade is still up by my house.