Saturday, January 22, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Orientation

I recently attended a birthday party for Wikipedia, which turns ten years old this year. At the party people asked - were you ever surprised to find that a topic has an article on wikipedia about it.
I thought back to the days when I was surprised to find out all the details of how lightsabers work. Those days are long gone though and now I am no longer surprised about the existence of wikipedia articles ... or so I thought. Somebody mentioned an article about Toilet paper orientation, the choice of letting the paper hang down on the toilet side, or up against the wall. I was surprised as well to find that that page is many times longer than the one on toilet paper itself. It has no less than 128 notes, pages of references and even a "further reading" section (in case you wanted to do some more research). It also lists all the notable people with public opinions on the matter.

Just in case I ever become notable, let the record state that I am very much from the "over" camp, but I respect the opinions of the "under" crowd. The reason I feel this way is just because that is the way my family traditionally sets up the TP. But which side of the family is this tradition from?

Lansey and Gellis family members and any other readers out there, please comment! Lets get to the bottom of this, do you orient your toilet paper hanging over or under the roll?


  1. I honestly don't check until the roll is already on there, and then I don't feel like moving it.

  2. Along with Yoni, I also am a member of the "over" crowd. Stacy is strongly an "under"er. The way we compromise in our house is whoever stops being lazy and changes the toilet paper roll decides the orientation.

  3. That's how we do it? I checked, and so it is!

    I have to try it the other way and see if it throws my day off.

  4. I think Yoni and Eli get it from me. I am strongly in the "over" camp (I'll change it if I see it the other way.), but I don't remember how we did it at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I think we will need to hear from Aunt Susan or Uncle David on this. Maybe Amanda can contribute on what they did in the Jewsbury household.
    Dad (Anonymous)

  5. I supposed so - you know, customs generally go with the father ;)