Thursday, December 23, 2010

Laser Safety

Today the kid didn't go to daycare, so I brought him to the lab.
One of the benefits of having two monitors, it turns out, is being able to put the Muppets up on one, while doing work on the other:
Still, LEGO is more interesting.

He was very excited to go inside our clean room
and see the cool glassware we use in the back.

And, it's never to early to get started with laser safety!

Also, a reminder to vote for my "Holiday Spikey" once a day through Jan 3rd.


  1. Are you two going to be collaborating on a paper together?

  2. Aww. The glasses even fit. That is too cute.

  3. Man, I missed out when I was a kid. They didn't have Nd-YAG Lasers where Dad worked back then.

  4. Actually, I'm using a He-Cad laser (we need the UV for photo-lithography).
    The little dude was very excited about LASER!!!! (FWIW, he's also equally excited by the laser in my optical mouse.)