Thursday, March 10, 2011

Security Theater

They're installing some new outside benches at CCNY. Before they're fully bolted down, though, they seemed concerned about someone walking off with them:
This is particularly ridiculous for a few reasons. Firstly, that bench weighs a lot. They were moving them around with forklifts -- hardly something you could sneak away. Secondly, anyone with the wherewithal to abscond with the bench could probably figure out a way to break the puny lock or cable. And, finally, notice the middle bench board is missing a screw. All of the boards are attached with Philip's head screws, so if someone wanted to steal the thing, they'd only need to unscrew a few screws to walk off the the boards and base in pieces, leaving the lock securely fastened around the lamp post.


  1. well once they have done all that they might as well lift the lock over the top of the lamp post and steal that too ... then call it a day.

  2. @Jonathan: Steal the lock or steal the lamp post?

    If they also steal the lamp post they can save themselves the trouble of lifting the bench and lock over the top of the lamp post.