Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chip Art

As part of my research for my Ph.D. I needed to have some small-scale structures fabricated (you may recall my all-nighter at BNL). Recently I haven't been doing much of that, sticking to theory and simulation, but I left a little surprise in the GDSII file I sent to the ``fab team'' operating out of The Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF).  And they found it! [Click through for full size]
These were actually some of the larger features I hid on the chip, but I think they came out really nicely.

Two things:
1. I was inspired by the work of the talented people over at The Silicon Zoo to put this on the wafer. You should check their site out (the zoo starts a couple lines down).
2. I forget where I got the silhouette picture from, but I think it was from Ironic Sans's The Histogram as the Image post (modified slightly).

Update 6:17PM
SJester's comment made me realize that I didn't comment on the size scale here! The whole cityscape is around a third of the width of a human hair. The width of the Empire State Building is around the diameter of a bacterium, and the antenna on top of the Empire State Building is as wide as the wavelength of UV light (smaller than all the other ``ROY G. BIV''), and the width of the antenna on the WTC is smaller than a rabies virus! This is approximately three billion times smaller than actual size.


  1. When we click through for full size, shouldn't it get smaller?

  2. SJester -- I said "Full Size" not "Actual Size." Although, I've added a few more comments about the actual size.

  3. this is hilarious and awesome. I really like SJester's comment despite your technical protests Eli,