Thursday, December 22, 2011

Authentic blog post: Insect edition

I believe I have found the most disgusting candy ever:
I would like to point out a few things. First of all - WORM! Second of all, WORM! Third of all, this candy has a genuine worm, but artificial flavor. Priorities, right?
In fact, check out the complete ingredient list:
In case you can't read it: Malitol syrup, Insect Larva, natural and artificial flavoring. That's right, INSECT LARVA! What's next, crunchy frog?!? Here's a closeup of the "insect larva:"


  1. Speaking of crunchy frog, I just learned Monty Python did not invent Cockroach Cluster. It is a real candy, and yes it does contain cockroaches.

  2. are this real worms or is it the same as those other candy worms?

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  3. Definitely real, going by the photo.

    ...Unless an entomologist had fun at a wax museum.