Sunday, December 04, 2011

Verizon Change address Hidden Fee

When changing your address with Verizon high speed internet, they will tell you there is no charge. What they don't tell you, is that there is a $110 hidden fee for the technician to come out to your apartment and do "wiring" even if the previous tenants of your apartment had Verizon.
To put the $110 in perspective, my monthly charge was only about $20 so this one charge was worth almost 6 months of internet. I called them as an irate customer and they said the charge was "valid" because the technician came by, no matter what they told me on the phone. When I insisted, spoke to a supervisor, and  threatened to blog -> they were able to lower the charge by $20. I told them that this wasn't enough to stop me from blogging, but I would mention this courtesy in my post.
And now to complete this post with some more internet Verizon stories:

from imur/reddit and from xkcd below:


  1. Ugh! I have to call these people tomorrow and convince them to let me pay my bill.

  2. I'm surprised that would be hard to do notElon ...

  3. With Verizon, everything is hard.

  4. actually - I have Verizon again - and yes, I have found it hard to pay my bill with Verizon. History repeats.