Thursday, July 10, 2014

Challah for morons

I came across this bizarre invention at my local judaica store:
Now, I suppose there might be someone out there who 1) wants to bake their own challah, 2) has no idea how to braid challah, and 3) who has also never heard of Google. But, seriously? "Fill & Bake, No Braiding Required"?!? It does say "Easy instructions included," but I figure the kind of person who'd need this device would probably freak out at the concept of instructions. "Instructions?!?" I can hear them say, "if I wanted to follow instructions I would have learned to braid challah!"

Although, it actually made me think: What, un-braidable thing would be fun to shape with this and serve like challah? Maybe it could be used as a Jello mold? Any other ideas? Let's hear them in the comments.


  1. Hello meatloaf

  2. Chocolate cake. Why don't you give it a shot when you get yours ... in two days ... FYI

    1. You lunatic! We got it yesterday, thanks. Stay tuned for review.

  3. meatloaf-filled challah