Sunday, July 06, 2014

The CAUSE Community for UUIDs

About a month ago I mentioned a Facebook page I was experimenting using Facebook Ads to get likes on. I finally launched that site behind the page this afternoon.

The idea is that since UUIDs are unique, each one is special and we should treat them more carefully than other types of data. The website url is of course a UUID itself:

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So far there have been about 4K hits, which is pretty tiny by internet standards, but I think its not bad considering that the url is not something you would never remember or try to type. It has generated a bit of discussion, and I've sadly learned about a kind of antithesis site which does exactly what you would expect:

The facebook page, amazingly continues to gather likes without promotion and it now has close to 1K likes. It turns out that all those bots who have liked the page are actually supporting a cause for their kin...

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