Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cross-eyed Chrysler

On the way in to work today I noticed this cross-eyed Chrysler minivan:
Notice how the light on the left is almost the same as the light on the right. Except that it's upside down. And actually subtly different -- two white bars on the left instead of three, a square-ish mirror on the red light on the left instead of the round one on the the right. This is especially strange considering that someone just bought this car! It's almost like the dealer bought the wrong light and figured they'd just install it anyway.

But, it gets crazier! Look what happens when they step on the brakes!
Both top lights turn on, even though the left one is really the white "reverse" light! They clearly hooked up the left light assuming it was the same as the right one, even though it is upside-down. I can almost hear the people in the repair shop, "There! I fixed it!" I just hope the people who recently bought this car got a good price...

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  1. I don't know what the law is where you are, but here the car is illegal and the driver is committing an offence. I expect the vendor committed one too if he knowingly sold an illegal car.