Sunday, May 31, 2020

(CC) University of Wikipedia T-Shirt Design

I made a "University of Wikipedia" logo. The establishment year is 1973 [Citation Needed], an impossible year, but you need to think a moment to realize how impossible it is. I pulled together the rest of it with inspiration from a few logos from real universities and of course the actual wikipedia logo and branded font. Happy to say it looks real enough to have fooled actual people into thinking it was real.

You can get the T-Shirt or stickers etc. from
Wikipedia University on Teespring (my favorite for tee-shirts)
Or Wikipedia University on RedBubble  where you can also get stickers, mugs etc.

If you want to go and DIY your own Wikipedia University thing then I am releasing the original files with a creative commons license CC BY-SA 4.0:

Here is the PDF and the SVG:

Would love to hear if you used it! Please share in comments or by email.

(Here is a photo of me in the actual shirt)