Sunday, November 06, 2005

My New Toolbox

So I got a crimper the other day because I needed to use it. I've touched one maybe twice in my life and now I own one!
Anyway, I had nowhere to put it so I bought a toolbox. Now my new toolbox looked kind of empty so I decided to put in all my tools.
Why don't you leave a comment about what you think is in the long leather case.


  1. Now you need a Garage to put the tool case in. Do you have a house to go with the garage? You might need one of those too. :)

    Your long black case is nice too.

  2. You must be the only guy who keeps his gyroscope and cheap calculator in his toolbox.

    Oh, I wish I had a crimper.

  3. i dunno what's in that case but you'd better buy something that fits, and quick...

  4. haha, its definitely a quantum-hydroponic escatotronic dejigglifyer (putting it next to the pliers was a bit of a giveaway.)

  5. is ti a slide rule?

  6. and we have a winner! Yes, its my Dad's old slide rule. Which he yes . . . he actually used to use!