Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shooting the bull

Princeton professor emeritus of philosophy Harry G. Frankfurt has written a book entitled, "On Bullshit." The Princeton University Press website is kind enough host a video interview with Dr. Frankfurt, where he steps in intriguing and philosophically slippery topics such as, "What is bullshit? [Dial-up]" (leave it to a philosopher to ignore the obvious answer) and "Can anything be done about bullshit? [Dial-up]". In any case, I find this to be highly ironic since much, if not most of philosophy is, in fact, bullsh*t.


  1. Phlisopher:
    1. A "scientist" who is bad at math.
    2. A person who engages in pointless arguments with providing proof,
    3. A person who tells a lot of bullsh*t.

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha
    ug chooses to remain silent concerning this topic
    but luckily aliza is to the rescue
    aliza is visiting ug at her college
    aliza is sleeping over in ug's dorm room
    anyway that's really funny
    ug wants to know if the guy was serious about that book
    aliza thinks it is improbable
    this is a really long comment

  3. just goes to prove that old saying:

    What is the difference between philosophy and science?

    For science, you need 3 things: pencil, paper, and a trashcan.

    For philosophy, you need 2 things...

  4. I emailed, or should I say didn't email Professor Frankfort. The falsified, or should I say truthful copy of the letter is posted on my blog. If you can't figure it out or want the letter I actually sent him, just email me.