Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sitting ducks

I've been getting way too much spam recently so I put up a filter. To send me e-mail now you need to fill the subject line with "Online Pharmaceutical"

Okay, you guys did really well by the slide rule, now give this a shot: I was explaining something to Eli with this setup- the picture should just ask for comments. (everybody should read Avi's)


  1. I was with you all shabbat so i know that this was after shabbat so you could use paper. Only solution you are both seriously disturbed.

  2. i going to go with some kind of dynamic problem.

    ∑F = ma.

    But the rubber ducks do lend credence to Lump's hypothesis.

  3. red1: 'help! help!' i'm stuck underneath this college textbook!'
    red2: 'don't worry, red1! we'll try push it off you (grunt)....'
    red3: 'its no use, its too heavy! we'll just have to remove it from red1 by opening the book and turning the pages one by one until the book is completely turned over'
    red2: 'good idea! ok, i'll get inside the front cover... (hop) ok, i've lifted the cover... sheesh, this thing is heavy.. ugh. hey, red4! how about giving us a hand here, instead of staring blankly into space!?'
    red4: 'mm? sorry guys, but i can't help you: that's a complex math textbook. i swore i'd never touch one of those things after college. besides, i'm just an inanimate red ducky. what do you want from me?'
    red3: 'the problem is, red2, as you get closer to the spine, your pushing is providing less r-cross-F torque on the cover. i'll jump up on top and pull open it from the edge. that should provide enough torque to open the front cover'
    red2: 'but red3, we haven't got any hands or opposable digits! how are you going to get a grip of it?'
    red3: 'don't worry, i'll use these handy horns which i have on my head.'
    red2: 'well i'll be -- say, i never noticed these horns on our heads. that's disturbing -- don't societal stereotypes dictate that we should we be evil if we have horns?
    red3: 'yeah yeah. we'll worry about that later. i'm jumping up' (hop)
    red2: 'ok, now i'll carry on pushing the book open from the inside, while you apply torque from up there on the edge, ok? now lets --
    mom: 'eli!! yoni!! come give me a hand in the kitchen!!'
    eli: 'aw, mo-omm! we're in the middle of some work!'
    yoni: 'ya, eli's busy explaining to me some complex math!'
    mom: 'come on, guys! i need some help now!'
    yoni: 'oh, alright!.... hang in there, red1, we'll be back soon.'...

  4. Lump, who could forget this post, or Avi's disturbing commentary.