Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Evaluation Forms, Happy Year's End

Evaluation forms are sort of a hobby of mine,
here's my Thermodynamics form:

What was the best part of the course?
"The demonstrations, wait . . . there were none. Is Physics even real? I have no idea!"

What aspects of the course would you want to see improved?
"the height of the ceiling could be a few feet taller"

Would you recommend the instructor to your friends? why or why not?
"yes", [then I circled why not].

If there is anything else you would like to add, please do so here
"I would like to add 372+2946 but i haven't had the time,"

They had a spot for questions from the professor, he didn't have any so there was a blank spot for the question to be filled in with my own questions. There were still circles to fill in for our answers to the questions.

"Burnt out light in front of the room was replaced promptly"- Strongly Disagree
"Quantity of oxygen present in the room" - Excellent
"ph of water" - Neutral

My College Dorm Microwave Cookbook has a review written by somebody, I don't know who but I know for sure that its Not Elon.

Read the Review here


  1. I didn't get all of this, but the adding bit was funny, and I've often wondered if physics is real myself. Good blog.

    Chris (My Blog)

  2. I prefer more practical suggestions. I.e "fire the football coach, and give the professor his job. He'd prbably be better at it."

  3. Please write more about the cookbook! Both useful AND amusing!