Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dry Paint

The hallways in the YU buildings are painted once or twice a year. However, they do not scrape off the old paint before adding a new layer. This means that in like 700 years, the hallway will be totally filled in with layer upon layer of paint.

Also, you know how they put up signs that say "Wet Paint"? I want to put up signs that say "Dry Paint" in random places - park benches, subway stations, and so on.


  1. 0 comments! That might be appropriate for a Yoni/Jonathan comment or for one of minebut you haven't gotten a zero comment post since 1863. It's pitiful. Make sure your next post is a winner.

  2. this post was not the greatest.

    Who can get excited over paint building up over time on the walls such that the halls become so narrow you can't walk through them.

    But, hey, you are right...we have to expect better from this poster of blogs!!