Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Petting Zoo

"DWEEEEEEEEEEEEE", ah there I said it now I don't have to say it again (at least too many times more). This Sunday was the Highland Park street fair. I was there helping out at my Karate School's booth. We had our booth right around the corner from the actual karate school (its about two buildings down from the main street). At the beginning of the block there was a petting zoo. They had four ponies in a cage tied to carousal; they had a big sheep and a little sheep, a llama (which tried to kick the one person I saw try to pet it) a baby cow, two baby goats, and three baby bunny rabbits and a guinea pig. For all that the animals where cute, I had to feel really bad for them. The big sheep went crazy when the little sheep was taken back to the truck (the sheep were not anywhere near as fluffy as they should be). The llama ran away when I tried to pet it. The baby cow appeared to be way to thin and the goats spent most of their time standing on the llama. Finally I have never seen such traumatized rodents, poor three-week-old rabbits and an adult guinea pig getting poked by little kids the whole day. On the plus side one of the kids helping with the petting farm was wearing a collar with a leash (don't ask me I don't know). Dwee little animals are very dwee but sad when traumatized.

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