Sunday, October 08, 2006

Leicester the Factory Town

Dear Givers of Pessimistic Advice:

The engeneering building of the University of Leicester, clearly built in a festering slag heap from the industrial revolution a hundred or so years ago.

Houses typical of Leicester. It is so cold here that the rain pouring down has actually frozen solid giving the appearence of a blue sky.

Very European looking

One of the many colorless scenes in Leicester

One of the many plain and rundown houses situated on grassy lawns or garbage heaps.


  1. Ha, we all warned you not to go there. Look even the trees are moldy.

  2. Does anyone else notice that the grass has a radioactive greenish color? This leads to one of two conclusions:
    1) Radioactivity.
    2) Yoni used color-enhancing photo editing tricks. In which case, most likely Leicester looks dreary and drab. And it's probably radioactive, anyway.

  3. I believe I did comment on the overly vibrant color of the tree, but yes the same could be said of the grass. I blame Chornobyl

  4. Did anyone else notice that there are no people in Leicester!?! Everyone must have been evacuated due to the toxic fumes emanating from the slag heaps.

  5. Did anyone ever tell you that you're a little off-kilter, Yoni?

    Please don't operate any heavy machinery while under the influence of your mind, ok?