Sunday, October 15, 2006

On Sapotoxins and the existence of LeicesterFolk

In another victory for the human tongue, I'm still alive. See there is this beautiful chestnut tree outside my building that's just brimming with nuts. Naturally I microwave a few only to find they taste horrible and don't eat a single one. Looking it up I tasted a poisonous horse-chestnut filled with sapotoxins, which will explain the sore throat.
Remaining symptoms: none.

And here's a curious character, a brit indeed.


  1. I dunno, but that particular Leicesterestiest denizen looks like an anti-semite.

  2. OMG! You tried to eat the fruit from that radioactive green tree!?! No wonder you nearly poisoned yourself. Please - no foraging for wild Leicester mushrooms. If you are that hungry, we can send you your favorite food from home - boxes of raw macaroni.

  3. Where's that "Coolest Elevator Ever," that you said you were planning to blog about? Two posts about Leicester and no elevator. What gives? We want elevator. I think it's time for a coup. We'll get that creepy old guy with the hedge clippers to blog about the elevator.