Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What would you do to get some drugs?

Every Sukkot my grandmother comes to my house. Sometimes she forgets stuff, this time she forgot her medication. We called the local branch of the pharmacy she gets her pills from to see if they would deliver. They wouldn’t, so my family began formulating ways for us to get the drugs. Of course they eventually came to the conclusion “hey Aryeh has no-Jewish friends at Rutgers let him call them to see if they could pick up the medication for us”. Long story short I spent the last 45 minutes before Sukkot on the phone with friends, I also went onto Facebook to find some phone numbers. In the end I managed to get my friend Pasha to pick them up for us, he got the instructions to come around to the back of our house to find us. He came, with all the medication right after we had all washed for ha’motzi (so we could not talk, which of course resulted in my holding up a finger in the international pantomime give me a second). Well we got the Drugs and my Rutgers friends think that I am a bit crazier then they thought I was (if that’s possible). So if you ever need Drugs just call your college friends and say “can you get some drugs for me”.


  1. Very good blog by the Lansey Brothers, lol.

  2. Before you accuse me of making up another stupid pseudonym, I would like to say that Clay Bethelbridge isn't me,