Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Great Flood

This Sunday the east coast was hit by an enormous northeasterner, over six inches of water fell in the area around my house, it was a lot of rain. Sunday evening I went down into my basement as I walked across the floor I was almost slipped on some water, this was very surprising. I looked down and saw water on the floor; I looked a little closer and saw a lot of water on the floor. I yelled for my family to come down and began trying to figure out where the water was coming from. I realized very quickly that the water was coming up from under a part of the floor where I new there was a hole and an access point to my houses sewer system. I realized that it was not the sewer overflowing, it was simply due to the rising water table. My father and I quickly began to bail out the hole as my mother and Yoni began to clean up the water that had already spilled over the edge. After this my father, mother and Yoni began to clear everything damageable from off the floor of the basement. Over the next three hours we cleared the bottom shelves in the basement from books photo albums and other things. While this was happening I was taking about two trips a minute back and forth from the hole to the basement sink with a four gallon bucket of water, I was able to go for about 2:30 hours until I began to get blisters and Yoni had to take over. At this point the rain had slowed down and now was only coming down at a drizzle, we where able to take fewer runs to stop the water overflowing. We realized that at some point we would have to slop and just let the basement flood. After we had finished clearing everything that would be destroyed by the water, we decided to relax and go fishing.

Here I am fishing, you can see my tackle box, my fish bucket, and the hole I have cut into the floor.

Don't think me and Yoni where alone in our fun, here you can clearly see my father planting pengiuns (in his hand) and evil ducks in the fishing hole (special bonus points if you can remember what other post also had the ducks in it).

I had to let old time fisherman Yoni take his turn (note ducks, and pengiuns).

Of course where would you be without a nice cruise out on TLS (The Lumps Ship) Omicron.

In the end the water began to reced at around 2:30 AM we never really flooded, however we did bail out somwhere around 2000 gallons of water.

To answer my last questions at the end of my last post. 1) Edgar Allan Poe had six great nephews who played for the 1899 Princeton football team. 2) The man's "Mountain of Jupiter" or a woman's "Girdle of Venus" are located on the palm of the hand (some sort of palm reading thing).


  1. Did it not occur to you that you may have been "bailing" out the water into the same place from where you were taking it? Does your sink drain into some sewer system separate from the rest of your house? I can imagine a classic cartoon based on your bailing scheme.

  2. While this does seem likely, it is not the case. The rising water was in no way connected to the sewer in my house. The water was comming from the ground not the pipes.