Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rutgers Screw

I have once again been victim to The Rutgers Screw, I have once before been a victim to The Rutgers Screw, you can read about it here, here, and here. I never actual called it by its name in those posts so I will explain The Rutgers Screw, basically TRS means that a Rutgers student got Screwed while trying to get into classes due to Rutgers’s bureaucracy. In my case I needed to register for a summer class that I needed as a pre-requisite for most of my junior year classes. However I the two summer sections for this class where closed, this meant that I now had to apply for special permission to take this class before I would be able to register for spring classes. So, I went and applied for special permission on Friday. When I tried to register for classes on Sunday I got into 20% of the classes I wanted to, this means that I got into one class to make this even better the one class I got into was engineering economics (the one class I most wanted to take next semester). Only, two of the classes I didn’t get into was because of the needed pre-requisite (one of which was closed anyways), the other two where closed. One of which I can apply for special permission now, however the other one is in the math department (which is as we all know the same department that first gave me The Rutgers Screw) this means that I have t wait until the first day of classes next semester to apply for special permission for that class. Today I got an email back regarding the special permission number for the summer class telling me that for the particular class I had to talk to the dean’s office (I received this email after the deans office had already closed). So now tomorrow I must go to the dean’s office, and then after that I must once again contact my department to try and get into all the classes I have to take next semester. If you will excuse me I must try and find a screwdriver that can remove a screw with a big block R for a head.

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