Sunday, April 15, 2007

Leicester Littering

I haven't a lot of time now with packing to get to and all, but heres an old photo from Leicester. Some people hand out fliers right there and in case you can't tell, many people drop the papers rather soon after they are given them. This is funny because the poster on the fence describes a 50 pound fine for littering.

Oh and a tip, when deciding between a big and less-big pack for a trip in a few days, buy both and return whichever doesn't fit all your stuff in it.* I decided it would be better not to learn this the hard way.

*Due to recent comments, I must mention that this is only a good idea if you have a mother who loves you enough to return the other one while your on your way.


  1. Eh, what's £50 between friends. Time is money, and it will probably cost at least £50 of time to find a wastebasket.

  2. post left out the following text in bold:
    buy both and have your mother return whichever doesn't fit all your stuff in it.

  3. Eli, Yoni, Aryeh, and sometimes Stacy too. Your blog is in serious breach of Blog Etiquette. According to Jimbo Wales, blogs should commit to standards of civility, in order to discourage harrassment and death treats.

    And, according to Wales, the primary, most important rule of etiquette, is the commitment to delete any and all anonymous posts. Anonymous posts, just like anonymous encyclopedia edits are always nothing but trouble. If you're going to quote his encyclopedia, you've got to follow his rules. So, uh, I expect to see that comment above this one gone by tomorrow, or I'll report you to the Blog Police, and no one wants that.

  4. Sorry, notelon. I needed to update my blogger logon.
    the moot, formerly known as anonymous