Thursday, April 26, 2007

Henrietta through the ages

Some of you may recall Henrietta, the spooky disembodied head Stacy uses to store her fake hair. This is what she looks like:

This is old news. However, I recently came across The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer. This cool site will change the age of a person in a picture. So, although we don't know for sure what Henrietta looked like as a baby, here's an idea:Awwww, cute little baby Henrietta.

Here she is as a kid:

And as a teen:

And this is what she'll look like in her old age:

This is her brother, Harryetta (the blue cloth is clearly genetic):

Finally, archaeologists have recently dug up ancient wig heads from the Neanderthals. I am glad to be able to share with you what these archaeo-styrofoam heads looked like:

1 comment:

  1. You know Eli, I think the reason Henrietta looks so depressed all the time, is that she doesn't have any hair of her own. You should buy another sheital just for her.

    But of course then you would need another hear to put Henrietta's hair on when Stacy put's her hair of Henrietta, and then a head for that head to put her hair on, when Henrietta puts her hair on it, when Stacy puts her hair on Henrietta, and then another head to put her on when head 3 put her hair on it, when head 2 puts her hair on head 3, when Henrietta...