Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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… and we are back. Last week I had an exam in Thermodynamics. One of the problems asked if the problem could occur adiabatically. I answered because the vessel is made in the USA and therefore very well insulated so heat transfer would not occur. To explain why this is funny, every time we had a problem in class involving no heat transfer the professor would say it was because the system was made in the US. I got the problem wrong because I didn’t explain about in fact it was because I didn’t say or some other stuff which you are probably not interested in (the fact that the TA graded it probably didn’t help.


  1. The container can be made out of tissue paper for all it matters, and and long as you give it the right properties on paper, there's no reason why that shouldn't allow the processes to happen adiabatically in real life. You should complain.

  2. And what happened to the "the two year anniversary extravaganza!" I've been waiting all month for it.

  3. notelon, I tried to talk to the teacher about how I felt that I should get at least partial credit for that part of the problem. He didn't read my answer just blew me off. Even more evidence that this particular proffesor is not very good at all.