Thursday, November 01, 2007

Well, which is it?

In honor of our 3rd year of blogging, we decided to hold . . . a contest!!! We figured it would be fun if other people wrote posts in our style, parodying us, etc. So, people should email us blog posts in the style of Eli, Yoni, Aryeh and Stacy. The best posts will be posted to the blog for all to see. You can email 'em to one of the addresses below:
Now, on to the regularly scheduled blog post:
I recently received an email about the Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships. These fellowships attempt "to blah blah blah diversity of the blah blah blah by blah blah blah ethnic and racial diversity, to blah blah blah diversity, and to blah blah blah diversity blah blah blah." The details, as you can tell, are not so important.
In the eligibility information for these fellowships they state that eligibility is limited to "all citizens or nationals of the United States regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender..." OK, that's good - anyone is eligible, no matter what their race, etc. is.
But then I noticed the "positive factors" towards "choosing a successful candidate". Along with stuff like good grades (bleh), promise for future achievement, and blah blah blah loves diversity, was the following line:
"Membership in one or more of the following groups whose underrepresentation in the American professoriate has been severe and longstanding..."
And here I thought that this fellowship was open to everyone, "regardless of race" and "national origin." Silly me.
Anyway, since male Jews are certainly not underrepresented in the American professoriate, I marked the email as spam.


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  2. Count me so mischievously in!
    When's it due by?