Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day on the Range

This past Sunday me and some friends went shooting. When I say shooting, you think I going to post some pictures of me shooting and AK-47 or an AR-15. In fact I don't have a single picture of me shooting., because I am shooting a 22. But, its no wimpy 22 in fact its an olympic standard competition rifle, that is around double the weight of a normal rifle (so around 12 lb). Basicly, you have a sling around your bicep it then raps around your forarm and straps to the gun. So you are on the ground prone holding a rifle, then you aim and shoot. The picture I have posted is the best target I shot, its at 50 ft, bascily the center targets are to get you set up and to adjust the sights. The bottom center is me getting the sights in line, then the upper center is after that, then I just march around the outside one shot per target. The markings indicate how much you subtract from the largest possible score.


  1. Nice shooting!
    And nice spelling, too!

  2. not to get in a sharpshooting gun battle with you!!