Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vegetarians Have it Wrong!

Animals are eaten dead, Vegetables are cruelly eaten entirely alive! I personally am not generally a vegetable sympathizer but I felt a few pangs of guilt eating this tenacious head of lettuce. Locked in at the bottom of a cold dark fridge, rather then give up hope, it reached its photosynthetic arms up towards the small light at the top which occasionally blinked on.

In one swoop, I destroyed a month of its brave skyward effort. I then slowly crushed it limb by limb, with my teeth. Those green arms so strongly angled towards the light one minute, a mangled tragedy in my mouth the next. A mass of cells, many dead, some injured, but most face the stomach acid entirely alive! The base of the lettuce, I did not eat nor kill, it whimpers now from the depths of our trash bin, using its last reserves of energy to send out a new leaf or a root before its inevitable, suffocating demise.

The last chicken I ate had its neck cut through instantly, the blood gone, its muscles were dead within an hour. A day later and not a feather moved on its body. This chicken was not in prison on death row like my potatoes carrots and onions, this chicken never saw the light at the end of the fridge.


  1. You never know, that tenacious root may go on to found a new colony in Garbage Dump Valley and start a whole new civilization.

  2. Ah but then you're forgetting that not all of us are veggies because we feel for the animals ;)