Saturday, January 26, 2008

The year cannot be before 1753

The year that your degree was or will be issued cannot be before 1753. Way to leave out such qualified applicants to the Claremont Graduate University as Leonhard Euler and Isaac Newton!

I have no idea what this year came from, but it seems pretty random to me. Any ideas???


  1. It's 255 years before today. Their database uses a byte.

    Time for a buffer overflow??

  2. Good catch. The same idea occurred to me, but I forgot it's 2008 now

  3. Probably not the one byte. It still there in 2009. Doing some googling, it looks to be an old problem with MSSQL. Specifically found this:

    Values with the datetime data type are stored internally by Microsoft SQL Server as two 4-byte integers. The first 4 bytes store the number of days before or after the base date, January 1, 1900. The base date is the system reference date. Values for datetime earlier than January 1, 1753, are not permitted. The other 4 bytes store the time of day represented as the number of milliseconds after midnight.