Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years

First post of 2008 and we shall start it with a New Years Observation:

You know you are an engineer when…

Instead of laughing at you parents old yearbooks, you laugh at there old textbooks.

Instead of staying up all night smoking pot and drinking, you attempt to get on the roofs of the tallest buildings on campus at 3 AM (without any drinking being involved)

Instead of spending your time going around all the museums in DC, you plan on spending two full days in the aerospace museums, and the last day split between the others.

Feel free to add your own “You know you are a ______ when…”


  1. when your favorite number from one to ten is pi or e

  2. And it goes without saying that your favorite number from 1 - 10 should not be phi or worse "The divine proportion". Having (1 + √5)/2 as a favorite number just makes you a Da Vinci Code reading geek wannabe.

    True geeks choose transcendental.