Sunday, January 11, 2009

Icicle Dripping Against Gravity

I witnessed this curious phenomenon outside our house back in the famous winter 2005.
You commenting guys have been really good figuring things out so far - see if you can tackle explaining this one!


  1. First of all, water dripping up is no big deal, but water dripping sideways!

    So I was thinking of the olden days (when I was a kid) when you (Uncle Heshy specifically) took a movie of someone diving into a lake, ran it backwards, and, voila! (or wah la!), you see someone reverse diving out of the lake!

    But that is not what is happenning here.

    What is happening here is, clearly, Yoni showing off.

    Oh, and the shutter speed or frames per second shot or whatever is capturing each successive water drops higher up in its drip in such a way that the eye sees it as one drop dripping up.

  2. Nice one The Moot.
    but I was not showing off- in no way did I expect the video to come out like that when I took it!