Thursday, November 26, 2009

Truth in advertising

We just got back from an excellent cruise to the Bahamas celebrating Stacy's step-mother's birthday.  We were on a brand new ship, the Carnival Dream.  This new ship was HUGE.  It is only 88ft shorter than a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.  Here's a to-scale comparison:

This was the first proper cruise to the Bahamas this ship was on, and they were filming a commercial while on the cruise.  The actors dancing to imaginary music, or looking romantically out over a balcony, or pretending to have fun on the waterslides (which were actually a lot of fun) were very diverse in terms of ethnicity and age.  Here's an example of an older ad I found on Youtube:

However, they were not so diverse in terms of weight: All the actors are good looking and thin.  From the actors we saw, you'd assume that all cruisers look like this:

When, in actuality, the vast majority look like this:

Here are two examples of people from the ship.  And these are not the fattest - they could walk on their own two feet, and the ship didn't list when they moved around.  In the second one, use Stacy as a point of reference:

Carnival's slogan is "Carnival: The Fun Ships."  Stacy suggested maybe they should be "Carnival: The Fat Ships."


  1. thats hilarious. I like the helpful diagrams - would make a great ppt presentation.

  2. Well no wonder. Those people in the commercial are running, lifting weight hang gliding, and engaging in all manners of activity.

    But watch when it comes time to eat. The lady pours a full glass of wine and doesn't drink it. And just when she is about to eat from her saucer of garden salad, the guy comes and pulls her away. She ends up fasting entirely

    YOu put Tubby there on a regimen like that, and she would be flat as in no time.

  3. Why don't you start a PeopleOfCarnival web site?