Thursday, November 12, 2009

Labrador, Bombay and Darwin

Aryeh posted a puzzle last week, this time it's my turn:
What do Labrador, Bombay and Darwin have in common
[Update (thanks Yoni)] but not in common with Beaver.


  1. True. Not the answer I was looking for, though. I'll update the puzzle to include the additional hint/condition: but not in common with Beaver.

  2. they are all cities in the eastern hemisphere of the earth. (Beaver city is in the US)

  3. Nope. Beaver city in the US is in the Western Hemisphere.

  4. Aye, Eli. And though there are Darwins, Bombays, Labradors, and Beaver Cities in the Western Hemisphere, that is not what he meant. Yoni was talking about the other hemisphere. There is a Darwin, Australia, a Bombay, India, and a Labrador in the Philippines, but there is no Beaver in that hemisphere.

    Other things Labrador, Bombay, and, Darwin have in common with each other but not beaver: They are not vulgur slang, they all contain three letter consonant-vowel-consonant words, and you don't make hats out of any of them.

  5. ah yes, in fact once we go that route notElon - they are all things without! a fat heavy tail. Also they are all things that don't build dams to live inside of.