Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chanuka Science Show

Last Sunday, at the annual Chanuka party at our aunt and uncle's house (great party, as usual!), there was an "Open Mic." So, there were guitars and singing.  But people thought we were joking when we said that we'd brought a science experiment...
I think my chemistry might have been a bit off (please, someone correct me if that's the case), but, with the help of my lovely assistant (thanks, Stacy!), I hope I put on a good show.


  1. Mixing vinegar and baking soda also produces sodium acetate, in addition to the carbon dioxide and water. So even if you get the proportions exactly right, the resulting water is not potable, unless you like the taste of bitter, vinegary, salt.

  2. Thanks, I thought I was missing something.
    Is there a household acid-base combo which leads to potable water (where the base ingredients aren't toxic)?