Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who would win in a fight, bricks or mortar?

Many of you have seen the mysterious case of the worn out bricks on that road, 95 which goes out of NY. I can't find the exact place I took this photo, but here is the general area on street view.
Here is my theory.
The mortar is stronger than the bricks, the bricks gets washed away by wind, sand and water. The mortar sticks around longer because it is stronger.

Any other ideas or reasons why this could be happening?


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  2. Remember the Boxwork in Wind Cave National Park:

    Sorry you missed this trip, Eli.

  3. I've noticed this before. I wonder why mortar is that much stronger? (And "why don't they just make the bricks out of mortar, then")
    Mommy - you guys really can't help rubbing it in, can you? Stupid 10th grade English Shakespeare memorization...

  4. hmm, well probably bricks are a lot cheaper to make/ volume. this makes sense - it must be cheaper to make something that will harden in an oven than something that will stay soft for a short period then harden entirely on its own.