Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taller Children

A month or so ago I was walking to the Graduate Center from Cardozo Law School and saw these guys (Nick Fitzhugh, with crew Juanma Diaz and Sridhar Gouni), taking videos or people in front of the Flatiron building.  When I asked what they were filming for, they said they were filming people smiling for a project at the NY Film Academy.  So I figured I'd help them out.  Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough on my feet to make a funny face or anything but I show up at around 24 seconds in:

I'm not "arty" enough to "get" this video, but it's still pretty cool.


  1. wow that's really long and boring. Eli, you look like a statue -

  2. Instead of "long and boring" I chose the more charitable "arty." Yeah, I know, I missed out on a good opportunity to act like a crazy person. Hopefully this week's post remedied your video boredom.