Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip To Atlantis

As Yoni informed you we took a trip down to Florida to see the final launch of a Space Shuttle, Space Shuttle Atlantis.  Yoni, my friends Sergey and Andrew and I left New Jersey on Wednesday.
 Then we did a lot of driving and saw some things.
 Humvees and a heat exchanger off of the USNS Lewis and Clark.

And this was all on Interstate 95.  Then we got to Florida where we met up with another friend Paul who was only a couple of miles from us (having also left from New Jersey on Wednesday).

We went to Titusville and pitched tents in Parish Park for the night.
 Then it was time to head up to the bridge we where going to watch the launch from.
 View of the bridge in the morning*.
Looking back at where we camped.
While camping and on the bridge we saw some dolphins and manatee and some other things as well (I also saw a wild pig on the side of the road somewhere in South Carolina).
 A NASA UH-1 Huey buzzed the bridge a couple of times (I didn't get pictures of the F-15s flying perimeter around the pad).
 There was some bomb scare by the porto-potties.
 A random hovercraft
A little island in front of where we where, you can see it on the Google Maps link above.
Our view, the big building in the middle is the Vehicle Assembly Building and launch pad 39A is between the VAB and the side of the photo*.

I will talk about the actual launch next week, but until then here is a teaser*.

*photo credit to Daniel Fortier (one of our bridge standing neighbors).


  1. Was the random hovercraft full of eels?

    And why is it that there is always a bomb scare around the two of you.

  2. I was chatting with this random guy about the hovercraft:
    me: "is it strong enough to push past the wind?"
    random: "oh yeah, it really powerful"
    me: "is it also full of eels?"
    random: "oh yeah, definitely"

    ... but I don't think he really heard what I said.