Sunday, July 17, 2011

My personal internet brand

After about 5 years, I have finally updated my profile picture ... in my various internet places.
This style of picture has a number of qualities I want:
1) Random people who see the picture won't recognize me from it. 2) Less-random people may be able to recognize me, especially if I tell them "its an eye."
3) I can update it as I get older, showing more wrinkles ... it can be like a time-lapse video.
4) I can update it when I do cool stuff - just like everyone else - only that the cool stuff will be only be seen in the reflection in my eye. 5) After these updates, people will still recognize my posts by the image they will grow to love.
6) It is professional enough to go on linkedin (I think?) but not too lame to go on Google+
7) I can take it myself in a second (without the camera in the picture).

I do not recommend that anybody copy me in this ... because if you do then important points 2 and 5 will no longer be valid points.

And now for something somewhat different: check out this link, if I tasked you to find 1,000 photos of a human eye 10 years ago, how long would it it have taken? Perhaps more than the 15 seconds it took me.