Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Challenging Enterprise In Which We Endeavoured to Discover Atlantis (We Drove Past The District of Columbia)

Last week I spoke about the trip down to Florida and promised that this week I would tell about the launch.  Well they say a picture is worth a thousand word (which I suppose can be true sometimes) and I don't want to write a thousand words for each picture, so I will only write a few.
 Before we could see the flames we saw the exhaust.

 Clears the pad.

 Mr. Cloud meet Mr. Space Shuttle.

 For 38 seconds I watched one of the most incredible things man has built ride a pillar of flame over 500 feet tall into space.  There is really nothing I can say that will let you understand what it was like to stand there and watch this.  If you where lucky enough to have seen a launch you know what I mean, if you haven't I am sorry.

(Photos taken by Sergey Galkin)


  1. Sergey those photos are incredible! ... not going to blog mine now ... lol

  2. Cosmically great title for this post!!!

  3. Yeah, amazing pictures and epic title!