Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Logo

The Graduate Center of CUNY's webpage has gotten a "facelift". So now it is nearly impossible to find anything, and the crazy mouseover action makes the site seem like it's had a bit too much coffee (see xkcd/773). On the other hand, they've updated the official GC logo:
This is the old one:
And this is the new:

I'm not sure which is worse. Any opinions?


  1. Does the site use HTML5 for the animation? Can anyone tell?

  2. The new one looks like a museum banner.

  3. RE: HTML5 - if you're referring to CSS3 animations (as opposed to Javascript-driven ones), they do use them. I haven't dug enough to know what fallbacks they're using for browsers that do not yet support the CSS3 animations.

    As for the logo/site design, I disagree. I think they may have gotten a bit carried away with some of the animations, but I think that aesthetically, it's quite pleasant, including the logo.

    However, that doesn't speak to whether they put the most sought-after information in the the most prominent place.