Monday, August 01, 2011

Paternoster Update

First posted, and blogged in 2006, and updated with another post once it got 1,000 views a month later.
It has been 5 years and recently, it was linked by with the text "You’ll need to be quick unless you want to have your body cut in half." I had never heard of that site, but youtube thinks its important enough to add:
Anyway - this link pushed the video to over 100,000 views. A personal record, to put it in perspective all of the pages on this blog have had about 120,000 unique visitors since the time the video was posted. But to put it in further perspective ... this horrible 39 second clip has been viewed almost 200,000,000 times and that is two hundred million times.


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  2. To put it in yet a different perspective, my finest YouTube video (posted 2 years ago), Synchronized Sitting Down, has only gotten 28 views. And my most popular one(also posted 2 years ago), Black-crowned Night Heron and Waterfall Rahway River Park NJ, only 126.

    Maybe I need catchier titles? Or better soundtracks?

  3. I have an average of 2435 views per YouTube video. The max is 8463 on Advanced CAD Final Project - Clock - Escapement/Pendulum.

  4. The Awesomer can't be that awesome. It's not on wikipedia.

  5. Technically - it can still be quite Awesome ... though perhaps not very notable.