Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where to live in Boston, Boston Events

It is coming up on that time of year when everyone moves in Boston. It is pretty ridiculous how many leases end August 31st. Anyway when my friends ask me where to live in Boston I send them this map:

Disclaimer: This map is my current understanding of the situation and opinion. I have changed the map at least once due to some feedback I got. If you think some area of the map should be different - leave a comment!

Anyway - once you have found a place to live and move in - what do you do?

The time has come for me to blog about my favorite website for finding things to do in Boston:
Boston Events insider.
It was formerly known as Johnny's list of weird Boston events (which is probably exactly what I Googled to find it) and it is also known as "great ideas for a date in Boston this week"
Also - the free stuff he gives away really is free ... I got a free raft trip from Raft New Hampshire.
Thanks to Johnny!


  1. Nice map. I live on a green pixel, thank god.

  2. Then again, there was a shooting in Brighton last week. It's like being back in Newark all over again.

  3. @Taliesin, thanks
    @Eli - I should add a red pixel in Brighton ... its really only that one tiny part of that tiny street that might be dangerous.

  4. Pity, Matlab in in red. Seems like such an appropriate place to live.

  5. haha!!! that's "Matapan" ... Matlab is in Natick way out west far into the gray (off the map even).