Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Cup

This is another post about Florida, but not about the Space Shuttle or the trip.  This post is about the Cup.  While in a hotel in Florida I came across the Cup.  This particular cup was nice enough to inform me of the fact that it was in fact the Cup (they capitalized it, that makes it a proper noun and therefor the "Cup" and not just a regular cup).
The Cup also alerted me to a number of possible uses for itself.
The text reads
Other uses for this cup: Very Small Hat, Tiny, Megaphone, Plant a Seedling, Build Sandcastles, Collect Donations for a Worthy Cause or Just Reuse It.
I thought this was very nice of it, I may not have thought of using the Cup for these things.  However, I believe it is missing some uses.  Drink Holder (well they didn't let me know the Cup could be used like a regular cup), Hamster Bath, Half a Telephone, Small Chair, Very Temporary Lava Storage, Anti Personnel Missile, Cat Traffic Cone (not while being used as a Hamster Bath, that would not end well for Squeaky), Tiny Boat or Micro House.  I feel that there needs to be an list attached to the Cup with all possible uses for the Cup so as to prevent any possible lawsuits over lack of adequate information on things to do with the Cup, for it is no regular cup it is the Cup.  So I petition the internet to help me compile a list of all the possible uses for the Cup to be attached to the Cup of the future.

Legal Disclaimer: Please don't sue me Cup manufacturers of the world!


  1. Hilarious, Aryeh. I think there's potential for a future blog series of you modelling the various uses for The Cup.

  2. Stepstool for very light child
    2nd order cow approximation
    Paperclip storage device
    Circle drawing tool
    (once squished:) Oval drawing tool

  3. one could use it as material for a blog-post.
    Also - it says "Just Reuse It." which is not specific enough for me. I would like to add:
    After using as a Very Small Hat, reuse it to (Build Sandcastles OR just reuse it (as a telephone OR just reuse it (as paperclip storage)OR (as a Tiny, Megaphone OR just reuse it (as a cylinder without a bottom. End))) (Plant a Seedling or just reuse it. End)

    #Expect errors when compiling

  4. Notice that there is nothing in the photo to indicate scale and everyone is only assuming that this so called 'Cup' is actually only standard cup size of about 3-4 in tall.

    So here are my suggestions for use based on several different possible dimensions of this 'Cup':

    1/2 inch - thimble
    12 inches - lampshade
    18 inches - ottoman
    5 feet - ski slope groomer
    7-8 feet - cut out door and windows and use as temporary housing
    14 feet - space capsule reentry module

    Of course if it is really cup size, I would go with "Collect Donations for NOT Worthy Cause".

    Would anyone like to contribute to the "Send the Lanseys on Another Vacation Fund"?