Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wrath of Poseidon

Did you feel that, I did.  At 1:51 PM a 5.9 magnitude hit Virginia.  However, I did not know this.  All I knew was that my house was shaking, however I couldn't figure out what could cause it, I wasn't listing to music that loud.  I noticed the plants on my desk shaking, but I decided that the shaking I felt was all in my head, some sort of inner ear thing.  Then on my drive into Rutgers I heard on the radio (yes I still listen to one of those archaic devices) that there had been an earthquake.  Initially I was shocked, that news got me quivering but then I found out that it was a relatively small quake and that no one had been injured.  After the initial shock of finding out, I realized that this is the first quake I can remember ever happening on the east coast.  Still I felt the effects of an earthquake (of course along with a huge number of other people on the east coast), I think that that is pretty cool.  Rutgers actualy sent out an email about the incident
There is no need to evacuate any buildings at this time. There are not reports of damage to any campus buildings at this time.

I think this is boring, so this is my advise.  Run through the streets in a towel screaming "The End of The World Is Here" and "Eureka" because how many other chances will you get to do this.  On the other hand maybe he finally got a good place to stand and moved the earth.

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