Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bacon, It's Good For Your Fast

Yesterday was Tisha Ba'av.  On Tisha Ba'av Jews fast.  This year I decided to try and find ways to make my fast easier by going online and trying to find what the best things to eat before a fast are.  This was what I found.  Not only was it about whats best to eat before fasting, but Tisha Ba'av specifically.  I will call your attention to what was voted as the Best Answer.
The day before have a bunch of huge meals. So for breakfast, eat 5 eggs, some toast some bacon, and some nuts. Then have a large snack of nuts (protien!) or have like a milkshake. For lunch have like 2-3 sandwiches with soup and a steak. For dinner have a steak with potatos, rolls, and pasta. Good luck! Just eat a lot of protien, and your set!!
Now there are a number of things wrong with this.  We will start with the most obvious, Bacon, seriously you are recommending a Jew eat bacon to help him fast easier.  Second, Jews have to wait a number of hours between eating meat and milk (varies based on family custom), so having a milkshake for a snack not such a great idea.  Lastly, many Jews don't eat meat for a number of days leading up to this particular fast.  So all in all I think this definitely gets a Best Answer voting if only for its comedic value.


  1. Hilarious! If someone wanted to come up with something like this to be funny on purpose, I'm not sure it'd be better than this.

  2. Even better, it was added by "Miss Taken," who was apparently booted from Yahoo Answers for giving too much bad advice. Perhaps it was meant to be comedic.

    This wasn't a prank account of ours that we forgot about, was it?

  3. Did it say if it also works for Yom Kippur? That would be even more hilarious.

  4. I wonder if bacon counts as fleishig during the 9 days and for the milkshake...

  5. To add to the list of "What's wrong with this picture," one is supposed to have a light meal (e.g. toast) for supper before the Tisha B'Av fast.