Sunday, October 23, 2011

Credit Card Image Designs

I have previously attempted to make a controversial credit card design ... only to have it rejected. I have tried once again:

For every $1 spent ¢3 will be donated
to the Gilbert- Syndrome Foundation.
That particular disease has no harmful symptoms at all (but there is a decreased risk for heart disease!) Unfortunately this image was initially rejected ...

Capital One® what’s in your wallet?

Sorry, we were unable to approve the image you submitted
Sorry the image you submitted for your Capital One® Image CardSM has been rejected. We will not approve any images that contain the following: 
Commercial solicitation or promotional material 
If you believe that you have been declined in error, please call us at 1-866-381-0451. 
This is an automated message.
I called them though and now have an appeal in progress ...

In case this fails I may try to make a meme-based credit card image ... any ideas?


  1. I don't know about Sysfrog, but personally my credit card number IS OVER 9000!!!!

  2. Capital One clearly has a smaller sense of humor than its commercials would lead one to believe.

    Did you explain the joke? That there is no such thing as a Gilbert Syndrome Foundation?

  3. yes I explained the joke - how it can't be promotion because the thing doesn't exist! (Didn't mention the tax exempt joke part)

  4. Maybe I've lost my sense of humor, but I don't get why putting "Tax Exempt" on your card is funny. Are you hoping to avoid sales tax?

  5. no not trying to evade taxes. Also - not funny by itself, I expect the reactions of people to be funny.

  6. OK, I hear that. But how often do you hand a CC to a person, and not use those self-swipy things?

  7. just often enough for this joke not to get old (I hope)

  8. The cashiers generally can't even make change of a dollar unless the register calculates it for them; Do you really think any of them will be bright or perceptive enough to pick up on your ridiculousness?

  9. Dude you need to sell stickers for cards that go around the name, date ect. Now go make a million bucks.

  10. That is brilliant, thank you anonymous.